Tagore (2003)

  • Written by A R Murugadoss and Parachuri Brothers
  • Directed by V V Vinayak

   Repeat Value : 9 / 10     

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Tagore - Movie Highlights

Telugu Film Industry (Tollywood) is known for its mass films in which the hero is invincible. These kinds of cinema are generally adored by the masses who love to whistle to introduction scene of their hero, clap to the item songs and shout as their hero punches the villain. But in ages, there comes a film which also gives importance to the story and creates wonder at the box office. A remake of Tamil film Ramana, this film was highly successful in maintaining Chiranjeevi's position on the top even after so many years, were now Telugu film industry is witnessing influx of new young heroes. Tagore was a blockbuster and holds the record as the top grosser South Indian film right after Indra. This film considered to be the biggest hit in Chiranjeevi's career.

15 Tahsildars are found missing and then the police find that 14 of them have been released after 3 days but one of them is killed. They find some files and a tape along with the body of the dead tahsildar. These files carry details of why the kidnap of the 15 tahsildars had been done and the reason for the murder of one of them and have the words ACF written on it. ACF (Anti Corruption Force) sends another tape, with the message that they shall continue the kidnap of the corrupt officers in all the departments and that the No.1 corrupt shall be sentenced to death. ACF similarly kidnaps officials from PWD and Police department and kills the top corrupt official. Police start investigating the case but are slow in their approach. However an IPS passed Suryam (Prakash Raj) who is working as constable takes up the case seriously and moves ahead in investigation within a short time span. On the other hand, Tagore (Chiranjeevi) is a professor at the National College who leads a simple life along with his adopted kids from different cultures. A social activist, Shriya Saran comes across Tagore and falls in love with him seeing his good deeds. Tagore once takes one of his kids to hospital for treating injury and finds that the hospital is a place full of corruption. That's when Tagore decides to expose the hospital. He brings in a dead body of a man from a government hospital along with the family who are mourning. When admitted at the hospital, doctors to the surprise of the family declare patient is fine and need to be taken to the ICU. They swindle money which he pays patiently and at the end of the drama, the doctors declare the man dead and ask to pay the remaining fees at the counter before collecting the body. To which Tagore exposes the truth about the hospital through the media and shuts it down. Bhadrinarayanan (Sayaji Shinde), owner of the hospital sees Tagore in the CCTV footage and is stunned to realize that this is the same man he supposedly killed five years ago. Here Suryam gradually finds out that they are alumni of National College and working for the ACF under their professor and the leader of the ACF. Special Officer Balbir Singh (Puneet Isaar) who is deployed to solve this case believes in his theory and the police force captures all of them. Police men torture them to open the identity of their leader however they refuse to do so. Tagore on seeing his students suffer, surrenders to the police and requests the police to release his students. The rising support for Tagore makes the Chief Minister to meet him. In a special court, he refuses to plead guilty. What is the old score between Bhadrinarayan and Tagore? Why Tagore launched a crusade against corruption is explained in the flashback.

The film is about a common man who decides to abolish corruption altogether in the society at various levels. The story of a man fighting corruption using his students as his weapons is seen earlier in umpteen numbers of films. But it is definitely the direction and screenplay that make this one truly different and the film remains gripping throughout. Though the story line is thin, the narration is fast paced and technically the film is good. After the immensely successful Indra, the expectations were sky high. The young director V. V. Vinayak, chosen after his immensely successful Aadi and Dil, proves himself to be one of the finest talents on the block. He made certain changes in the climax when compared to the original to suit the image of Chiranjeevi. Manisharma delivers a good score, but the songs pop out of nowhere, which do not add much to the screenplay. The movie does manage to address a few burning issues of the country. It is a typical commercial Indian masala film just for pure entertainment.

Jyothika and Shriya Saran are good and add glamour to the film. Prakash Raj abstains from being loud this time around and is first rate. He uses the opportunity very well and comes up with solid portrayal. Sayaji Shinde makes his debut in Telugu with this film and dubs for himself which is noteworthy. Puneet Issar is impressive. K Viswanath & Kota Srinivasa Rao are adequate. Sunil is good at his comedy act and provides the film with light moments. But only one man could have done the leading role. And it is none other than Chiranjeevi who fits in like a hand in a glove into this role. His strong screen presence holds the key to the entire movie. He is at his best, be it in histrionics or looks.

Overall, a must see!