Sivaji - The Boss (2007)

  • Written by S Shankar and Sujatha Rangarajan
  • Directed by S Shankar

   Repeat Value : 8 / 10     

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 Sivaji The Boss 

a popular dialog from Sivaji - The Boss

Sivaji - The Boss - Movie Highlights

Director Shankar's name is synonymous with extravagant big budget movies right from the start ('Gentleman', 'Kadhalan', 'Indian', 'Jeans') and when he joined hands with none other than Rajnikanth and AVM (oldest production house in India), fireworks were bound to happen and rest as they say is history. The film was positively received by critics and became a commercial success worldwide. It went on to win a National Film Award, three Filmfare Awards and two Vijay Awards. It is a typical commercial Indian masala film just for pure entertainment. Such is the popularity of the film and the craze for Rajnikanth that it was converted into a 3D film and re-released in 2012. Sivaji is the perfect entertainer with Rajnikant proving he is truly ageless, at least on screen. Good or bad, either way you slice it, Sivaji is a film you will want to see at least once.

The film revolves around a well-established software systems architect, Sivaji (Rajnikanth), who returns home to India after finishing work in the United States. On his return, he dreams of giving back to the society by way of establishing a non-profit trust called the 'Sivaji Foundation' to build a network of hospitals and educational institutions to serve the poor. Simultaneously, Sivaji falls in love with a girl named Tamizhselvi (Shriya Saran). However his plans face a roadblock in the form of the influential businessman, Adiseshan (Suman), who has his own chain of educational institutions and hospitals. Sivaji runs into bureaucratic corruption and red-tape so much so that he has to mortgage his house and sell his car to pay them. When Sivaji goes to court, he loses the case filed against him by Adiseshan regarding the methods he had used to open his foundation as a result of bribing numerous government officials. An astrologer warns Tamizhselvi that their union will result in Sivaji's death. When Tamizhselvi refuses the proposal due to her concern for Sivaji, he calms her fears and convinces her to marry him. Following the loss in the court case, Sivaji is reduced to poverty. When corruption also arises, Sivaji is left with no option but to fight the system in his own way. In the revenge against Adhiseshan, he acquires evidence against illegal earnings in the possession of Adiseshan and uses the documents to blackmail him into giving him half the money. He further obtains details on people who have similar amounts of illegal earnings across Tamil Nadu, and blackmails them to give him half of their illegal wealth. He then transfers the money to the bank accounts of his friends around the world by hawala forgery. They then deposit the money as donations to Sivaji Foundation, making the money usable and legitimate. Furious Adiseshan goes to the extent of using his power in the Government and arrests Shivaji and kills him. How he turns the tables on them, escapes death and returns in a different avatar to teach a lesson to his foes and also to see the smooth running of his ambitious trust forms the rest of the story moving towards the climax of the film.

Director Shankar has carved a niche for himself for tackling the subject of corruption in big movies with big star-cast and in a commercial format and with Rajnikanth leading the way, he has not left any stone unturned in including every gimmick that will bring claps and cheers to the fans and audience in general. The film works big time as Shankar has made the film on a grand scale. Though the film has nothing new to offer in terms of storyline, it is a notch above the ordinary as far as the technical side is concerned and the product should be applauded for raising the bench mark of a Rajni movie. There are some loop holes, which may be forgiven as this is a Rajni movie. The first half smoothly builds up and sets up the game. The plot of the movie thickens and the second half begins with a bang. It is only in the second half that Rajni really unleashes on screen with his typical mannerisms and unmatched style. The post interval portion has some great confrontation scenes between Rajni and Suman which are whistle worthy. Not at one point does the tempo of the movie drop. It does have the characteristic stamp of Shankar, but the talented director seems to have given in to the typical requirements of a Rajni movie. Unfortunately, the message is lost in the maze of illogical and sometimes absurd sequences. Only Rajni's star presence gives them credibility. He has exploited Rajni to the max and they both create magic on the screen. The movie is well directed. With top-of-the line techno-finesse, perhaps the best ever in Tamil cinema, the film is a visual treat. K V Anand's cinematography provides some stunning visuals, the extravagant dance numbers featuring exquisite sets by Thotta Tharani and lavish costumes, the fights choreographed by Peter Hein's defy superhuman powers and music by A R Rahman is good though not great compared to his other works.

Salute to the Superstar for bringing in so much excitement. His screen persona is electrifying and the film is a celebration of his unmatched STYLE. Costumes and make up help Rajni look younger. Such is the overpowering screen presence of his cinematic charisma that in every frame of the film, he is the Rajnikanth, the super human, unlike we know him in simple daily life. Vivek is hilarious with his one-liners and with Rajni, definitely brings the house down. Shriya is good and she looks gorgeous in songs. Suman being the lead antagonist, dressed in white and white, with black goggle, has managed to look every inch the wolf in a sheepskin kind of character. He scores with his subtle cruelty and without raising his voice, he's able to terrorize. He is first rate.

For worshipper fans, this gives them an overdose of style and Superstar Rajnikanth and Director Shankar together created the most hyped movie of the decade following it up with 'Endhiran' (1 & 2.0).

All in all, Sivaji is Rajni's film all the way and every other person involved in the film has worked towards it and it is evident in every single frame of the film.

On the whole, it's a Cool movie..!