Jayam (2002)

  • Written by Teja
  • Directed by Teja

   Repeat Value : 10 / 10     

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Jayam - Movie Highlights

Telugu films are all about its heroes. But in ages, there comes a film which gives importance to the story and creates wonder at the box office. Jayam is one such film from Telugu Industry which made other industries to make a note of it. The film was superhit at the Box Office and has been remade into several other languages. Tamil version by the same name also became superhit. It was like a whiff of fresh air and changed the film making style in Telugu Industry.

The story is centered in a village where the parents of first cousins Sujatha (Sadha) and Raghu (Gopichand) decide that both will be married when they become adults. Raghu is a troublesome child who robs money from his father's pocket, beats his fellow student for talking to Sujatha. Sujatha and Raghu vow not to see each other again after a bitter argument. Soon Raghu's family leaves for city for better prospects. Sujatha grows to be a simple village belle. On her way to college, she meets up with Venkat (Nitin), a young guy from a poor family but good at heart. He does all odd jobs to earn money for his living while studying. Slowly, Sujatha and Venkat fall in love. The story takes a turn when Sujatha's parents learn about her love affair with Venkat. While Raghu who has grown upto to be a strong, dangerous brat has become a kind of head ache to his parents. So, Raghu's parents, hoping that he will become a responsible person after marriage; decide to carry out his marriage with Sujatha. Raghu comes to know about Venkat and trashes him to pulp. The marriage is due in 10 days. Even after threatened by Raghu, Venkat terrorizes him by writings on walls of Raghu's place with blood that he would foil their marriage and take away the bride with him. With the help of his friends Venkat is successful. Now the entire gang of Raghu, are after the run-away couple. After wandering through the forest, Sujatha decides and inspires Venkat to face his enemy rather than running away from him. With his love besides him and renewed faith and energy, he decides to fight his enemy. From ages it has been proved that good always wins over evil and that however mighty may be the enemy, the strength of love will give you a renewed faith to at least face the obstacles. As the title suggests it is the victory of love which faces so many hurdles yet wins upholding the values of the nature that true love will never die.

Jayam proves the importance of screenplay and handling of the story when it comes to entertainment. The movie contains a traditional story of lovers fighting against odds. But with a cute romance, a racy screenplay and a strong climax, it keeps us thoroughly entertained throughout. Writing is fresh and innovative. The childhood sequences, which establish Gopichand's character and the enmity between him and Sadha give the movie a fresh start before the movie settles into the romance between Venkat and Sujatha. The movie manages to be different with its rather unheroic hero. The romance is cute and has a number of touches that make it fresh and interesting. The setting of the railway station and the train add a new dimension and the gradual flowering of romance between the lead pair is captured nicely. The frequent utterance of "Vellavayya...Vellu" by Sadha (with a cute style) is touching. Songs are a bonus in this commercial venture. Lyrics penned by Kulasekhar and Music composed by R. P. Patnaik take the movie altogether to a different level. All the songs 'Sabbasi', 'Raanu Raanu' and 'Priyatama' add great entertainment value to the film.

The performances are impressive enough. Though being newcomers, both Nitin and Sadha have done reasonably well. He expresses the tenderness and innocence of the character and Sadha is the find of the film. She is simply amazing. She completely justified the role of innocent ladylove in the first half and inspirational lady in the second half. Be it his friends and all others characters support well. But it is Gopichand who walks away with all the honors. He gives a splendid performance and has terrific characterization to his role.

You will definitely fall in love with this small beautiful film. Jayam is simplicity at its best.