Geethanjali (1989)

  • Written by Mani Ratnam
  • Directed by Mani Ratnam

   Repeat Value : 10 / 10     

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Geethanjali - Movie Highlights

It is now counted among one of the many classics by the genius, master craftsman Mani Ratnam. This is the only Telugu movie directed by him till date and he has ensured that his place in the annals of Telugu movie history is etched out with this movie. The film went on to win the National Award for the Best Popular film. It was dubbed into Tamil and Malayalam and has an unofficial remake in Hindi 'Yaad Rakhegi Duniya'. Hollywood today has many films like 'Notebook' etc, but Mani Sir had done this way back in 1989 itself.

A young man Prakash (Nagarjuna) diagnosed with a terminal illness wishes to spend the last days of his life in solitude away from his family. He packs his bags and leaves to his family's vacation home in Ooty. There he meets Geethanjali (Girija Shettar) who enjoys playing pranks on people around her. On one hand he is always sad and dull knowing his condition, comes across this girl who is full of life. To his dismay, he finds out that she too has a terminal illness. This intrigues him as she is always happy and energetic. Geethanjali tells him that she's not worried about her impending death as everyone who lives in this world will be gone someday. She also tells him that she's not bothered about what happens in the future and she only lives for today. This teaches Prakash to take his own impending death in his stride and live life to the fullest. What happens when both know about their conditions and what role fate plays is told in a very heart touching way?

It is a classic love story and you may not find one such gem in today's commercialized scenario. Why Mani Sir is considered a genius can be gauged by this film. A thin story line but a screenplay that will pull you into, extracts great performances from both the lead actors and uses all other medium of film making like music, cinematography to the finest degree, leaving the audience numb in their heart. There are many love stories of this genre in other languages as well as Hollywood but Geethanjali is something different and is a class of its own.

Music by Ilayaraja is superb and elevates the mood of the film. Girija Shettar is now considered as a one film wonder (It's her only film), but she acts perfectly and is the center of attraction in the movie. Nagarjuna who was very keen on working with Mani Sir after seeing his Mouna Ragam, does well and has one of the best films in his prolific career.

In today's fast life, such classics are needed to unwind one self and should be watched in solitude without any modern gadgetry disturbance to enjoy the real cinema in all its glory.

Hats off Mani Sir