Bommarillu (2006)

  • Written by Bhaskar and Abburi Ravi
  • Directed by Bhaskar

   Repeat Value : 10 / 10     

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 Love makes Life Beautiful 

a popular dialog from Bommarillu

Bommarillu - Movie Highlights

Telugu films are all about its lead heroes! There is nothing wrong in it, after all the audience wants to see their favorite hero to do all sorts of things to keep them entertained. So the general expectation when watching a Telugu (Tollywood) movie is
1. Almost same storylines with a twist here and there
2. A gravity defying introduction scene of the lead actor
3. A comedian appearing in scene after scene for no reason with no connection to the story whatsoever
4. Song after song comes up + an item number
5. A climax with mindless action etc etc and this has been followed from ages and film after film looks the same with same set of actors.
But in ages, there comes a film which gives importance to the story and creates wonder at the box office. Bommarillu (Dollhouse) is surely one of the most well-written and innovative films that Tollywood has produced in the last decade. It not only received warm welcome and rave reviews but also went on to win several awards. The film's success broke several records at the box office during its prime and is one of the highest grossing Telugu films. Following the film's box office success it was remade in Tamil as Santosh Subramaniam(2008), in Bengali as Bhalobasa Bhalobasa(2008) and in Odia as DreamGirl(2009). Also in Hindi as It's My Life (which never got released?).

The film primarily revolves around the relationship that sours between a good father and a good son were in the father's excessive concern for his son, and interference in his life, leads to the latter harboring bitterness towards his overbearing father. Bommarillu is the story of a young man Siddharth 'Siddu' (portrayed fantastically by Siddharth), an engineering graduate and lives in a joint family of many members and faces an identity crisis as his overly protective father, Arvind (Prakash Raj) takes care of everything for him. He is the one, who finally decides what is good and bad for Siddu. When all the little details of his life are taken care of, he has nothing but a sense of emptiness left in him. His father also selects the girl of his choice for Siddardh and the engagement happens. But when he meets this happy go-lucky girl Hasini (played to perfection by Genelia D'Souza) who does anything and everything she wishes without constraints, he gets inspired and falls in love with her. He comes to terms with his own life and the things he misses, mostly his individuality. But his situation is complex. First he needs to propose to Hasini and win her over. Then convince his over-obsessive father. By the time his father comes to know of his love affair and objects to it as the marriage preparations are in full swing, Siddu asks him for one chance to prove that Hasini is good for him. So his father asks Siddharth to get Hasini to stay in their house for a week, at the end of which he will pronounce his judgment on whether she is good enough to their family or no. So he convinces Hasini to stay at his house for few days after lying to her father, Kanaka Rao (Kota Srinivasa Rao) that she is going on a college tour so that his family members start liking her. When Hasini is introduced to Siddu's family, she gets a lukewarm welcome. As she settles down in the house, the other family members begin to like her. Even though getting used to the living habits of the authoritarian Aravind's household is difficult, Hasini stays for Siddu's sake. The rest of the story is how he convinces his family, especially his father about his problem & his love life?

Time & again there comes a film to prove that what a script can do to a movie. With films like these (Jayam, Bommarillu, Pelli Choopalu etc), Telugu cinema has surely come off age. Dil Raju, one of the biggest producers of Tollywood (Dil, Arya, Bhadra etc) backs in a fresh talent and gives the industry a wholesome family entertainer. Bommarillu is a pure example of a director's faith in his script and his screenplay. Being his first film, Bhaskar has proved that a good, clean script combined with hard work can do wonders. Though story may be age old but there is lot of freshness in the film. Direction is exceptionally good. He dealt both fun scenes and emotional scenes with same degree of dexterity. The movie brings out the value of honoring traditions and taking them into account while also allowing for change. It urges balance and moderation on everyone's part. Yes, that way, Bommarillu can change quite a few people's outlook on how to raise their kids. On the downside, the film is a little too long at 2 hrs 48 min. But Bhaskar has crafted a movie that will stay in our hearts for a long, long time. Music of the film is very good and all the songs are hummable.

The casting has been excellent. The entire credit goes to the director for not only being able to choose the right actors for each and every character, but also for being able to extract that talent from all the cast. Here is another tailor-made role for Siddharth. He is very natural, charming and elegant. Adorable as the cool dude and also has come out with a mature performance especially the climax confrontation scenes with Prakash Raj, where he breaks down and spills all the frustrations that he was carrying over years. Genelia steals the show with her mind-blowing performance as a happy-go-lucky and innocent girl. She looks almost perfect and her character (Hasini) is one of the bubbliest characters seen in a cinema. Siddharth and Genelia do not fail to keep the mood of the movie high all the time. Both are well suited for the characters and both have done justice to it. Prakash Raj as usual proves that he is an indispensable actor in such roles. On the other hand, being a seasoned veteran that he is, has easily slipped into the character of father very admirably and has given his best in this role that demands extraordinary performance. Rest of the supporting cast - Kota Srinivas Rao is very good in the role of Genelia's father. Sunil's comedy is good and Jayasudha is graceful. Others support.

Bottomline: A very good movie that can be enjoyed with the entire family and find everyone loving it!