Arya (2004)

  • Written by Sukumar
  • Directed by Sukumar

   Repeat Value : 9 / 10     

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Arya - Movie Highlights

Certain films should be best left untouched because they are classics in their original avatars and will fall short of charisma if remade in other languages. Arya is one such classic film that happened to the Telugu film Industry and also happened only once because its success cannot be emulated or repeated. Such films come once in a generation. It catapulted the then newbie Allu Arjun into stardom and today he is one of the most bankable stars of the Telugu film Industry. Upon release, the film received highly positive reviews from critics and was declared a Blockbuster and the film's success broke several records at the box office during its prime. It was remade into Oriya as Pagala Premi, in Tamil as Kutty (with Dhanush) and in Bengali (Bangladesh) as Badha. The film was dubbed in Malayalam under the same title and in Hindi as Arya Ki Prem Pratigya. A sequel titled Arya 2 was released in 2009. After all this still none can match the original and Telugu Cinema's history can never be complete with out this classic, even though it's just a pure entertaining, commercial, action flick.

Ajay (Siva) is a spoilt brat and is the son of local MP, Avataram (Rajan P Dev). He likes Geetanjali a.k.a. Geeta (Anuradha Mehta) and proposes her. When she refuses, he threatens her that he would jump from the college building. Being a very sensitive girl, Geeta accepts him reluctantly. Enter Arya (Allu Arjun), a carefree guy with positive attitude. Charmed by her beauty, Arya falls in love with her and proposes to her in front of her boyfriend. She rejects his proposal saying that she is already committed to Ajay. Ajay is furious at Arya for proposing to her but Arya actually reasons it out with Ajay. 'If Ajay loves Geeta and Geeta loves Ajay, then why should any Arya bother him? Doesn't he trust his love even that much?' But the twist in the tale is that Geeta never really loves Ajay, she just tags along because he threatens to kill himself otherwise. Also Arya constantly reminds Geeta that she need not respond back to his love, letting his love be on one side, thus making her into believing in the magical mirage of selfless love. But secretly she starts liking him and his selfless acts in keeping her happy. Ajay introduces Geeta to his father and persuades him to fix their marriage. Ajay's father, who initially pretended to accept his son's marriage with Geeta, turns tables by introducing another girl Lalasa and announces that his son is going to marry Lalasa. He threatens his son not to marry anyone except Lalasa. Seeing Ajay helpless and with undying love for Geeta, Arya decides to help her and Ajay to elope. On their way, they are followed by Ajay's father's henchmen. Arya bravely fights all the men and defeats them, rescuing Ajay and Geeta. Escaping from the enemy clutches, they walk to the nearby town. The next morning when Ajay is nowhere to be found, Arya convinces Geeta that Ajay left to win over his father for her sake. This leaves private time for Arya and Geeta and they grow close to each other. With his each act Geeta starts liking him more and more day by day. But when she tries to reveal it to him, Ajay and his father return. Avataram agrees to get Ajay married to Geeta. The end is all about how she realizes Arya's true love and whether fate will unite them?

Arya is not what you expect it to be. Though the story line is thin, an extraordinary screenplay and terrific characterizations is what will keep you engrossed in the movie. It is a pure example of a director's faith in his script. It has all the regular cliches that one can expect from a commercial entertainer - songs, comedy, action, romance etc and though it has shades of many films in the same genre before and after it, it remains distinctly different from them and moving beyond the basic story, there's a lot to admire in the screenplay and direction. It mixes all the elements required for commercial entertainer but at its core it is a love story. The narration is fast paced and technically the film is good with rich production values. The cinematography by Ratnavelu is aesthetically wonderful and editing is crisp. Stunts by Ram Lakshman are very powerful. Music by Devi Sri Prasad is splendid. Be it songs or background score, his music is full of energy. His exhilarating background score during the action sequences pumps adrenaline rush and songs are the highlight of the film. From Takadhimithom (the introduction song), to Feel My Love (love song), to You Rock My World (the club song), to Oh my brotheru (fun song), to Aa ante Amalapuram (mass item number), to Nuvvante (Love feeling song) all are chartbusters to date. Lyricists and Choreographers must be lauded for their awesome work.

Allu Arujun completely manages to charm you with his endearing role. His Arya is vibrant and has contagious effervescence. He is full of beans and the director has fully utilized his talents. He is natural in his histrionics also and amazing in action sequences. And is just simply mind - blowing in dance which today is one of the X factors in him that separates him from others. He proves that he is the best among the youth heroes when it comes to dancing. He has got the grace and there is so much rhythm in his body language. Also his cool dressing sense in the film got him the tag of stylist star which remains till date. Anuradha Mehta looks charming and is adequate for the role of soft and sensitive girl. Siva is good as adamant, at times confused, lover. Subbaraju is terrific as henchman to villain. Others support. However the real star is Director Sukumar. His Direction is exceptionally good. He deserves praise for putting together a simple tale and making it into one of the most entertaining film, all with just newly arrived actors. Dialogues by him are apt and are sprinkled with sensible humor. This film announced the arrival of 'Director Sukumar', the one who remains a class apart to date.

Arya is a must watch film for all Telugu film lovers. Don't miss it!