Nishkarsha (1993)

  • Written by L R Ranganath Rao and Sunil Kumar Desai
  • Directed by Sunil Kumar Desai

   Repeat Value : 9 / 10     

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Nishkarsha - Movie Highlights

There is something really refreshing about his films. When everyone was stuck with same age old stories he dared to give a new dimension with each of his films. Not only he dared to be just different but executed the subjects brilliantly. Sunil Kumar Desai (SKD) was one of the most prolific directors working in Kannada Film Industry whose work continues to inspire even now after 25 years. 'Nishkarsha' (Decision) was one such unique experiment from SKD which set new standards in Indian cinema yet another time. The film was hailed as a one-of-a-kind and today is considered as a milestone in the history of Kannada Film Industry. The plot of the film is inspired by the Bruce Willis starrer 'Die Hard'. The film won three awards at the 1993-94 Karnataka State Film Awards - Best Film, Best Screenplay (Sunil Kumar Desai) and Best Sound Recording (R. Kannan).

An architect (Avinash) is kidnapped and tortured by unknown assailants for information regarding the structural details of a bank which he helped build. Unable to bear the extreme torture, he gives in and shares the confidential details of the bank. With this information, the leader of the group, Devraj (B C Patil) has plans to rob the bank and prepares his team for the same. The bank is situated at the heart of the city in Manipal Center, Bangalore. The following morning as the day starts, the staff resume to their daily chores. A van containing several carton boxes are delivered to the bank, the contents of which are unknown to anyone in the bank. Devraj has weapons and explosives packed in the boxes to be used later. As Devraj and his men enter the bank premises, they disable all the alarms and security devices, the information of which they had got out of Avinash. Once the stage is set, they shoot the security guard, shut the front door, and take all the staff as hostages. They are content that everything is moving according to the plan. When they happen to loot the safe which contains loads of money, an alarm goes off. They were unaware of any such more alarm as Avinash had not revealed it to them. With this the entire building is surrounded by the police headed by the commissioner Subhash (Anant Nag). The employees and customers in the bank are now trapped in a lethal trap along with the terrorists with nowhere to run. Police tries various ways to get into the bank but without much luck. And Devraj threatens to start throwing people down one by one if his demands are not met. With situation getting out of control, Subhash requests the Chief Minister of the state for ATS to take charge. ATS Commando Ajay (Vishnuvardhan) arrives at the scene and is apprised of the situation. How Ajay with the help of Police and his trusted commando (Prakash Raj) and a help from inside the building in the form of a lift mechanic, Gunddanna (Ramesh Bhat) is able to apprehend the terrorists forms the crux of the story?

It is very difficult to hold the audience attention in repeat viewing unlike romantic films which have song and dance to entertain. But there are some films where even after knowing the entire thing about the film they qualify for repeat viewing with same enthusiasm. Nishkarsha, a heist thriller (new to Kannada films) not only broke the stereotypes back then mainly from the narration perspective but was ahead of its time and will remain a classic forever. Not only he adapted it to local nativity but also executed it well to hold the audience attention without regular song and dance fare which totally gave a new dimension to the film. A tight script and good editing keeps the story from falling apart. It deserves appreciation for its uniqueness in using some realistic plot elements and a single location (Manipal Center) for most part of its filming. The minute specifications incorporated in the script add conviction and gives a realistic feeling. The way every scene is carried by the director is very impressive and the dialogues are real. The film depicts national pride and the passion different people have for their work without going into much unnecessary melodrama. The film neither moves here nor there, it is very precise and to the point cutting out all the extra bullshit. Great use of the limited location, good editing, superb background score and some fine performances elevate the movie to a different level making it an outstanding and remarkable movie. It's an edge of the seat action-thriller and will give you an exciting & enriching movie experience. All this and more is what sets the film a class apart. Performances worth mentioning include BC Patil, though wooden faced is menacing. Vishnuvardhan is agile and apt for the role. Anant Nag brings in his experience and is good in the role of a police commissioner. Aviansh, Suman Nagarkar and Ramesh Bhat all shine in their parts.

In conclusion, Nishkarsha is a great thriller, which is enjoyable, unconventional and thoroughly fascinating!