Gaalipata (2008)

  • Written by Yogaraj Bhat
  • Directed by Yogaraj Bhat

   Repeat Value : 9 / 10     

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Gaalipata - Movie Highlights

Kannada film industry in the 90's and 2000's has been so pathetic barring a few here and there, that many had not seen a Kannada film in ages. But it was films like 'Mungaru Male' and 'Duniya' that turned a new leaf in the history of Kannada Cinema and made the audience to take a look at it. And it was filmmakers like Yogaraj Bhat and Duniya Soori who gave the Kannada film Industry a new lease of life which is going from strength to strength since then. Following the high success of 'Mungaru Male', Yogaraj Bhat came up with another fine film, 'Gaalipata' (Kite) that cemented his position as one of the recent best directors which he followed up with 'Manasare' and 'Panchrangi'. Also its success paved way for many of them including Ganesh, Diganth, Jayanth Kaikini, Sonu Nigam etc. Today when we look back, Gaalipata is definitely one of the best films of its time which has a good repeat value even today.

The plot revolves around three bachelor friends Ganesh 'Gani' (Ganesh), Diganth (Diganth) and Kitty (Rajesh Krishnan) who are studying in Bangalore. Bored of their city life, the three arrive at the house of Diganth's grandfather in Mugilpete (Karnataka), a picturesque location atop a hill station, a far of serene place close to nature. They get introduced to their neighbor, Kodandarama (Ananth Nag), who lives with his wife Padma (Padmaja Rao), daughters Radha (Neethu), Pavani (Bhavana Rao) and daughter-in-law, Soumya (Daisy Bopanna) who is a widow now, but the family treats her as their own daughter. Kodandarama is very close friend of Diganth's grandfather and an avid hunter and now handicapped from a hunting accident and confined to a wheelchair. On learning of Kodandarama's hunting adventures, Gani persuades him in hunting the same very wild boar down that left his legs crippled. But their first attempt together fails when it goes haywire with bullet striking Diganth who luckily survives. As the days pass Gani falls in love with Soumya, Diganth likes Radha while Pavani compels Kitty to like her. In the case of Pavani and Kitty things come to straight. The love affair of Radha and Diganth faces few hurdles but is successful. But for Gani it doesn't work out as Soumya is planning to move to Switzerland to work for an NGO. Soumya wants to live in memories of her past, so she doesn't reciprocate to his love. The boys embark on another final venture to kill the boar. As the boar approaches a rifle-wielding and wheelchair-bound Kodandarama, he gets up on his feet as an impulse and refuses to shoot it. Imagining the wild boar as the incarnation of 'Varaha - Avatar', he is thankful that he is able to stand on his legs again. Back in the family, everyone is happy with the miracle that has happened. Kodandarama and Padma approve of Pavani's relationship and decide to fix her wedding with Kitty. Also Diganth and Radha are close to accepting each other. The later part of the story tells how Gani wins his love over?

'Gaalipata' is a treat to watch. With the success of Mungaru Male riding on his shoulders, a lot was expected of him with his next and he does deliver. It is the writer in Yogaraj Bhat who comes off with flying colors again. By now everyone knows that Yogaraj Bhat's films don't have a story and are based only on a situation. The idea is fresh and innovative and is on the lines of Dil Chahta Hai but both films are poles apart. Also you wouldn't be surprised if Gaalipata reminds you of Mungaaru Male, though with a slight difference. The movie as a whole is a fun ride and rarely do the proceedings bore during the entire duration. Although the one sided nature of the film and the ending will leave you a bit disappointed, it would have been more nice if screenplay was more effective. Bhat's forte is his dialogues and the cheesy one liners will leave you in splits throughout. And there are many lighter moments in the film which will evoke a burst of laughter. Few contributions from technical departments take the film altogether to a different height. Beautiful camera work by Ratnavelu captures the nature's beauty artistically. He scales new heights as a cinematographer. The film is a visual treat to audience with some awesome locations. Songs penned by Jayant Kaikini and music composed by V Harikrishna ensure the success of the film's soundtrack with Minchagi Neenu Baralu sung by Sonu Nigam being the highlight. Title song-Gaalipata, Ondhe Samane and others are also good numbers. All the songs have been well choreographed. Suresh Urs editing work is perfect.

Sketching of each character with different outlook and good attempt in terms of casting is another plus point of the film. Ganesh is outstanding in the role of 'talkative' Gani. His dialogue delivery may seem as a continuation of 'Mungaru Male', but he steals the show. His body language, dialogue delivery and expressions are perfect for the character. He is thoroughly enjoyable when he speaks his one liners and also likable in emotional sequences. Diganth plays prank full yet relatively dumb character but surprises you with his spontaneity. Rajesh is a perfect match for the role Kitty who gives a silent but effective performance. The chemistry between the three leads is good and believable. Among the girls, it is Neethu who is brilliant. She fits into the role like a T. Bhavana Rao is young and good and not a bad choice. Daisy Bopanna is surprisingly good and has handled her mature role efficiently. Padmaja Rao, Sudha Belawadi shine in their given opportunities. Anant Nag is at his best and is brilliant in emotional sequences. Rangayana Raghu has a brief appearance, but is a perfect choice for the role.

On the whole, a fine film that can be enjoyed thoroughly!