Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap (2011)

  • Written by Puri Jagannadh
  • Directed by Puri Jagannadh

   Repeat Value : * / 10     

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 Is duniya mein do type ke log hote hai ... ek woh joh khud batate hai ki woh kaun hai ... doosre woh jinke baare mein duniya batati hai ki woh kaun hai 

a popular dialog from Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap - Movie Highlights

What has not be written about this man and what more he has in surprise for us. If there is any actor who has entertained us the most, then it has to be this man. For four decades + his films has been part of our life. From his early films (Bombay to Goa, Anand etc) to his Blockbusters (Zanjeer, Deewar, 'Sholay', DON etc etc) to his iconic film (Agneepath) and post 2000 (Khakee, 'Black', 'Paa', Piku and Pink), we know it all. Back in 70's and 80's, an Amitabh film was an event in itself. Most Bachchan starrers ran for 25 weeks, 50 weeks and even 100 weeks. Vowed by his popularity, a French director referred him as a One Man Industry. Back then the Bachchan mania was invincible and indestructible.

And today we are talking about this film Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap, which may not be among his best films but here is a film that celebrates his iconic status and presents him as we know him. The tagline of the film suggests - Big B Is Back and he is definitely back. Like vintage bike, car or wine which is very close to our hearts and which gets better with age, this is Vintage Big B for you! It is a time pass entertainer and was well received by his undying fans. It is just out of pure love for this one man called Amitabh Bachchan and hence not rating it.

Kabir Bhai (Prakash Raj) is a notorious gangster responsible for a couple of blasts in Mumbai. To rid the city of its mess, ACP Karan Malhotra (Sonu Sood) has declared that he will eliminate all the gangsters within two months. Finding himself in a tough situation, Kabir Bhai plans to assassinate Karan and is in lookout for a hit-man so that he remains clean. Enter Viju (Amitabh Bachchan), an ex-gangster returned after a long exile in Paris. He is flamboyant, wears loud clothes, is arrogant and hits back when people call him 'bbuddah'. Through Mac (Makrand Deshpande), an aide to Kabir Bhai, Viju joins the gang and wins the confidence of Kabir. Meanwhile, he comes across his estranged wife Sita (Hema Malini) and turns out that he is on an undercover mission to save Karan who is actually his son. He joined Kabir to keep track of the movements of the gang. But one day, one of the trusted lieutenants of Kabir, Yera (Suba Raju), goes against the decision of bringing in Viju and fires bullets into Karan injuring him grievously, failing Viju in protecting his son but later Viju hospitalizes Karan which saves his life. How Viju happens to take revenge and reveal his true identity to the gang forms the climax of the story?

Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap (BHTB) is a tribute to Amitabh Bachchan and a celebration of his iconic status of Angry Young Man. The once angry young man is now back as Angry Old Man. Unlike films where the actors are cast to suit the script, BHTB is a masala movie tailor-made to suit the character and style of Bachchan. Someone who has grown on his films with power packed performances in 70s and 80s will surely be happy to see the aging superstar's flamboyant avatar in this film. And every film maker aspires to work with Big B at least once in his lifetime and Puri Jagannadh is no exception. The film completely relies on the able shoulders of Big B to succeed and Puri Jagannadh just makes his film remaining a fan and never gives you any glimpses of an intelligent film-maker throughout the film. It banks heavily on the persona and charisma of this iconic actor and falters on the script level. Frankly, masala films and path-breaking story don't go hand in hand. So this one rests on a skeletal plot and the film leaves a lot to be desired. The references may give a nostalgic value of his yesteryear image through his famous dialogues by inserting them here and there and chartbuster songs through a medley ('Go Meera Go') but that leaves you unsatisfied. The idea had a great potential but is not given a shape of a proper story and therefore is not exploited properly. The confrontation between Bachchan and Prakash Raj in the finale of the film is the best moment. Vishal-Shekhar as composers give us the rap song Go meera Go and Haal-e-Dil and good background music. Direction is just about good. Overall, this isn't a film to be taken seriously, the film works best when considered as a tribute to Big B's films.

An out-an-out Amitabh Bachchan film, 'BHTB' presents Big B in never before seen role. The character, if not the story, is fresh and original. And Big B is in full form and shows why he was a one man industry for a long time. He towers over the screen with a swagger-like quality. He lifts every single scene he comes in, to a different level. Just watch the 69 years old Angry Young Man, walking, loving, kicking, riding a Harley, whistling and dancing on the screen as he doesn't really know of his own age. The 'Angry young man' attitude, his looks (of a cool dude), his gait, his demeanor and his walking style, all of them remind the audience that he is a superstar. And a big salute to his dynamism, his indomitable spirit, energy levels and for delivering an electrifying performance. Dressed outrageously, in mostly white suits and floral shirts, accessorized with multi-colored scarves and a pair of watches, you can hardly think that anybody of his era and also the current actors would be able to carry the old age with such grace and elegance. At his age he's still the best in the business. Perhaps the best there ever will be. Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap and Big B surely lives it. Most of the supporting cast here takes a back seat with a few sparks here and there. Prakash Raj is in fine form here as the chief gangster and brilliant in the final scenes. Makarand Despande is superb. Others are just to support.

Final word especially to those who have grown up on his films and also to those who love movies, they don't make them like 'Amitabh Bachchan' anymore!