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Cinema, Movie, Film, Picture are different names but mean the same. Not all movies are great and not all great movies are accepted by all. As rightly said movies run mainly on three things - Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment.

As far as Indians are concerned, movies should entertain. The birth, pain & the hard work put in to making a movie is not known to the general audience. For them it is the entertainment quotient that counts, since it is their money and time that they are investing. Today, there are lot of entertainment options available, but still movies hold a great respect among the Indian audience. Ours is a country crazy about Movies and Cricket. We just celebrate both and both have become a kind of religion to us.

Although, we have lot of information at the touch of the button, we tend to get lost in the internet traffic. To address this issue and for the passion of movies, we came up with this website. This website will also cater to our internet generation audience who are not aware about great movies which were not into the theatres in their lifetime.

The sole purpose of this website is to provide information on the movies which have great repeat value. In this era of internet, movies are fast forgotten, but there are many such movies which can be repeatedly watched. Each time you watch such movies, you tend to fall in love with them. The information provided on each movie is just out of love and repeat value sans critic view.

For the love of the movies, to provide correct information and to build a database that which will be useful to all of you for your weekend entertainment!

So, READ. WATCH. ENJOY. Share... Have a great weekend entertainment.